What is NAMO?

NAMO is a tool to easily configure a local DNS Server on your Mac. So NAMO helps you to call a local host (device A) on another device (device B) via a domain name in your network. Access works from any device (PC, Smartphone, Tablet, …) where NAMO is registered as DNS Server.

In combination with a local server environment such as MAMP PRO, you can access your virtual hosts from any device in your network. This makes testing your web pages much easier. Especially on mobile devices.


You work with MAMP PRO and use it to manage several local hosts. You can access them in the browser on your Mac via the host name. If you now want to view the website of a host on your smartphone, this is generally not possible at first. The host from MAMP PRO is only known locally on your Mac. If you call up the host name in the browser of your smartphone, this request will be forwarded to the Internet. However, this hostname cannot be found there and your local website cannot be called.

And this is where NAMO comes in. This tool is an intermediate station for all requests (calls) from the browser of your smartphone. For this purpose, all requests from your smartphone are no longer sent directly to the Internet but to NAMO. NAMO will now check whether there is a local host for the request on the Mac. If so, your request will be forwarded to this host. If there is no suitable local host, your request will be forwarded to the Internet as before.

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