Add Host

To add a new host, click on the “+” button below the list of hosts in the main window or select “File” -> “New Host…” from the menu.

NAMO - Add Host - Plus Button

The Edit Host dialog opens.

NAMO - Add Host - Dialogue

  • Hostname
    Enter the desired host or domain name in this field.

  • IP-Adresse

    • Local IP Address
      Activate this option if you want the IP address of your Mac to be automatically assigned to the specified hostname.

    • Individual IP Address
      Activate this option if you want to assign an individual IP address to the specified host name. You can enter this IP address in the input field below.


  • You are running a web server (e.g. Apache with MAMP PRO) on your Mac. This web server contains a virtual host called “”. Enter “” in the “Hostname” field and activate the option “Local IP Address”.

  • You want to be able to access a company wiki named “” hosted on a computer with the IP address “”. Type “” in the “Hostname” field, enable the “Individual IP Address” option, and type “” in the input field below.

Edit Host

To edit a host, double-click the item in the list of hosts or use the “Edit host …” entry from the context menu.

NAMO - Edit Host - Context menu